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HR Consultancy Services & Packages

What We Offer

Our HR consultancy services cover a wide range of important roles from employment contracts to staff handbooks, recruitment policies to redundancy and appeals. We aim to make life as simple as possible for you by providing excellent advise and consultancy for your human resources

Introductory Consultation

We are delighted to be able to offer new clients a FREE 15 minute consultation call. Give us a ring today and we’ll be delighted to discuss how we can start helping you.

Employment law advice

Feeling out of your depth and not sure what to do?  Think you need to apply a legal process but it’s confusing to know where to start? Let us guide you.

All HR issues have a variety of solution options.  The earlier you contact us, the more options will be available to you.  We can have a quick chat to establish which option is best for you. We’re here to give you peace of mind as well as ensure that you are equipped to execute the best decision for your business.

Contracts of Employment

Whether you’re new to employing staff or have been an employer for several years, we’re here to make sure you issue a contract of employment that is legally compliant and matched to your business needs.

It might be that you have very low staff turnover and your employment contracts have been in place for years.  Are you confident that they are up to date and in line with current employment legislation?  For that peace of mind, we’ll carry out an audit on all your contracts and let you know what risks the company may be running if you choose not to update them. 

Stand Alone Policies and Staff Handbooks

The handbook is issued alongside the Company’s contract of employment. However, you might just want a few policies tailored to your business, maybe to cover you for any potential disciplinaries, grievances and misuse of social media.  Particularly if you only employ a few people.  Whatever the topic, we have a policy to protect your company! 

If you would like a complete handbook, we can tailor that to your business and ensure you have full coverage for even the most risk averse company.

Get in touch and we can discuss the options in more detail.

Restructures and Redundancies

We’re living through fast moving and uncertain times.  You need to be at the helm of an agile business – whether that business needs to grow or shrink.

El- Shaddai consultancy is here to help you ride the waves of uncertainty and ensure your business arrives in tact on the other side.  ​

Whether it’s one team, a whole company that is being affected or a TUPE process that needs to be considered, we have the crew in place to keep your business legally compliant and to make sure you don’t get caught out by the haze of legal requirements.

Get in touch and we can discuss the options in more detail.

We have all the relevant advice and guidance to keep you on top of this current situation.  Give us a call today to talk through your concerns.


Advertising roles, sifting CVs, setting up interviews – does this fill you with dread?  Are you already wondering how on earth you’re going to fit it all into an already packed week? El-Shaddai consultancy is here to take away all of those time consuming processes for you. 

Whether you just want us to help with getting the process started or for us to take over the whole of proceedings – including first round interviews or taking part in the interview panel with you – there’s an option that can be tailored for your company.

Get in touch and we’ll discuss the best option for you.


It isn’t always practical – or possible – for a business to have another senior person in the company to refer an appeal to, whether it’s in relation to a disciplinary, grievance or capability process. El-Shaddai Consultancy can provide impartial, third party advice and conduct that appeal hearing on your behalf.

Reference Checking

You know it has to be done but (be honest!) have you got references for all your employees?  Did you send the email to the person’s referees, didn’t hear back and just never quite found the time to follow up?

Let El-Shaddai Consultancy  take that admin chore off your hands.  We’ll send the emails AND do the follow up for you. Leaving you free to build your business.

DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Checks

Are some of your staff in contact with vulnerable people or in settings with children?  Let El-Shaddai consultancy carry out all DBS checks for you so that you can confidently send your staff into those environments.