Friendly outsourced HR support for owners and Managing Directors of small businesses.

Welcome to El-Shaddai Consultancy

As an outsourced HR Consultant, we will partner with you to unravel and resolve the challenges that can come with managing people. With our HR support you can concentrate on running your business safe in the knowledge that any people or employment issues are being taken care of.

You can choose from regular retained HR support, HR projects and or ad hoc HR support and services.

Our Values

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We ensure we operate in a way that is open with our clients. We are upfront with how we can help and what we can do to support their business.

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As humans, we thrive on connecting with others, and we know that by getting to know you and your people, we create an environment that is primed for success.

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We will always be honest about the approach and any risk involved in your chosen strategy. We pride ourselves on our integrity and ensure credibility in the HR profession.

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Working with humans can be challenging and we know that to support your business during people challenges requires a level of empathy, compassion and understanding.

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    Our Mission

    To be the go-to HR consultancy for those businesses that want an honest and compassionate approach to managing their people.

    To give our customers a bespoke and connected service that they need to ensure that managing people is easy and people challenges are a thing of the past.

    Effective Solutions

    We work with your company to identify position requirements, implement recruitment programs, and
    initiate employee assessments that maximize recruitment efforts

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    Customers Experience

    Jacob Leonardo

    Senior Manager of Excel Solution
    While running an early stage startup everything feels hard, that’s why it’s been so nice to have our accounting feel easy. We recommed Qetus.

    Jacob Leonardo

    Senior Manager of Excel Solution
    While running an early stage startup everything feels hard, that’s why it’s been so nice to have our accounting feel easy. We recommed Qetus.

    Jacob Leonardo

    Senior Manager of Excel Solution
    While running an early stage startup everything feels hard, that’s why it’s been so nice to have our accounting feel easy. We recommed Qetus.

    Our HR Consultancy Services

    At El-Shaddai we offer a range of HR services for small businesses which are designed to help you manage your workforce without the headaches. Outsource your HR to us and we will help you retain a professional and productive workforce.

    Employment Law Advice

    Feeling out of your depth and not sure what to do?
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    Restructures And Redundancies

    We’re living through fast moving and uncertain times.
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    Advertising roles, sifting CVs, setting up interviews – does this fill you with dread?
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    Flexible Plan
    Perfect for Small & Lare Brands

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    Why care about your HR

    Setting up your team for success

    Many new and small businesses struggle to recruit the right staff for their needs. This results in time wasted on interviews, hiring and firing, and finding unsuitable candidates.

    As part of our outsourced HR service you will save time and money as we help you build your team to ensure your business success.

    By working with us you will be free from workplace headaches and instead can focus on directing your employees to be more productive.


    Jireh Homecare


    I have been working with Cherelle from since 2017 she is the Freelance Recruitment and HR Consultant for Jireh Homecare. I can honestly say I have seen my business grow and progress due to the expertises and knowledge she has in her field.

    We have managed to grow our team with her help. Our staff has confident in her always, due to her welcoming, approachable nature and her strong work ethic. She has brought a pinnacle of excellence to Jireh Homecare’s compliance processes and implemented so many HR protocols to keep the business safe and well led.

    I would recommend her to the world if I could because with out a doubt I know that this business wouldn’t have been sustainable with out her knowledge and assistance. She is constantly implementing new approaches, strategies and ideas to push the business agenda and to ensure that the business is sustainable. She definitely is a go getter, whether she is head hunting for staff or winning us new contacts.

    Whatever our request are she goes above and beyond to deliver. Her welcoming nature makes her so easy to liaise with. I am always confident that any task or challenge set for her to do, it will get done to such a high standard. I look forward to working many more years with Cherelle because so far this journey has been a pleasure.

    Mira Howard

    Managing Director Liberty Music PR

    I cannot recommend El-Shaddai Consultancy highly enough! We worked with Cherelle this summer to help us with our recruitment efforts, but she has evolved into so much more than that!

    Not only has she delivered on our ongoing and often changing recruiting needs by sourcing top tier candidates, but she also has helped us flesh out a lot of our other HR needs as they come up.

    This included organizing our materials, drafting policies for us, sitting in on key conversations, and advising us on HR and recruitment strategies as the needs come up. If you send something to Cherelle, you know it will get done and get done well. She is always extremely professional, warm, and communicative!

    Emma Rush

    HR Manager Mobile Fun

    You will meet many people every day, but only some leave a lasting memory and one of those for me is Cherelle.

    Cherelle became my trusted teammate and direct report as I transitioned back to work from my period of maternity leave. Having been hired following the departure of my maternity cover, she had done an excellent job of keeping the HR function afloat and although our time working together was short, I truly valued her commitment, professionalism and overall passion for people and learning and I enjoy relating with her on the joy and sometimes not so joyful life of motherhood.

    Cherelle has a very calming, patient nature and has the ability to handle employment relations with compassion, but also with a firm grip.

    Cherelle has so much determination and therefore I was not surprised I had to let her leave to explore her next opportunity, as much as I would have loved the opportunity to continue working with her.</p.

    For that Cherelle as a dedicated HR Professional, earns my highest recommendation.